W e l c o m e .  

So, you’re reading the name of this blog and think it's about dwarves and their entrepreneurial success stories? Wrong. Little people are defined in many ways, not just as the opposite of big people. Setting aside the simple thought of physical size for a moment, I have come to realize that little people and big people walk through my live every day. 

I used to want to be a big person. Live large, cut the big deal and crow like a rooster. I am working now at being a small person. Small people are not really impressed by themselves and are secure enough to be at peace with that. Small people work, tithe, live with a sense of community and are content to set in the second row (and are grounded enough to be comfortable if they wind up in the first row). Little people are what makes the world go 'round. Big people are what makes the world seem scary.

This blog is dedicated to a world of little people living, laughing and loving life. More specifically I want to honor the dignity that comes from lessons learned by being a plain and simple, little person. That’s what these stories, illustrations and analogies I have accumulated over the years are about. Enjoy. 

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