App developers take note as Internet marketing expert Steven C. Wyer offers a few tips on how to get an app to appear in Google's new "App Pack" results. We all know that websites get indexed and ranked, but according to Steven C. Wyer, many developers don't realize the same holds true for mobile apps. Read on for information on how to optimize your app for the best possible visibility.

Optimization matters

According to Steven C. Wyer, apps–like webpages–must be optimized in order to rank well. And considering that the number of people who look for apps through search engines has increased tenfold since 2014, optimization is imperative. Instead of relying on Google Play, Steven C. Wyer says the search engine emphasizes app downloads directly from search results.

App pack inclusion

Recently, Google began adding an app pack at the top of search results for terms such as "photo editor" and "budget calculator." Now, mobile search results feature icons with matching applications directly from the mobile browser. Steven C. Wyer reports that this app pack will display between one and six applications. The listings will provide the name of the app, rating, and a link to a direct download. Another major benefit pointed out by Steven C. Wyer is that the app pack is system specific, meaning Apple device users will never be shown an app that is only available on Android.

Know the downside

There are numerous obvious benefits to having a app appear as a top search result but Steven C. Wyer cautions that each app listed pushes down a web result. This is bad news for developers who rely on mobile search engine results pages as a major part of their marketing campaigns, says Steven C. Wyer.

Keywords are the key

As with any good SEO strategy, identifying the right keywords is essential to getting an app noticed, Steven C. Wyer asserts. A good rule of thumb is to use keywords that identify what your app is rather than what it does. Steven C. Wyer reports that people tend to search for nouns such as "photo editor" as opposed to verb phrases like "edits photos."

A terrible title means trouble

Similar to a title tag on a webpage, your app title requires optimization. Additionally, Google looks at descriptions when ranking applications for inclusion into the app pack. Steven C. Wyer advises that the most effective optimization strategy is to include the keyword in the title of the app.

Reviews and ranking

Reviews are not only important for your business online reputation, they are absolutely imperative for having your app rank well within the Google search engine, says Steven C. Wyer. The familiar five-star rating system is clearly visible on all apps and will also affect click-through rates which will further impact app rank.

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